Be aware of mold

This is how the underside of your toilet tank should look. Most inspectors never check this but Interstate does.

Underside of moldy toilet tank. Don't breath in toxic mold spoes.Some molds are not dangerous, but some are very toxic. Let Interstate determine the toxicity.

One of the places Interstate finds mold more often is in the attic area of a home. For numerous reasons mold loves to hide, live, and grow. Even though mold is in your attic mold spores can travel throughout the air in your home.

Mold starts in window sills from condensation on the glass

This is the back side of a wall that has a serious mold infestation. You never see this from your side of the wall, but you can breathe in the mold spores. BE AWARE OF MOLD.

Mold can creep into a bedroom from a simple siding or roof leak. What you see could be only a small portion of what is hidden inside the walls.

Mold can grow in a closet without being seen. Cleaning may seem to solve the mold problem, however it will always come back unless remediated properly.

Mold spores may look cute but they can become deadly. Don't take a chance.

Roof leaking around a skylight causing a toxic mold situation 

Mold along a base board

Mold spores grow in the trees and are acutally good for the enviroment. If a tree falls in the woods mold will feed on it until it is dissolved. Not so in your home. Breathing mold spores can cause serious health issues.

Interstate Mold Inspection can find mold anywhere from a motorhome to a high rise building.




If a mold inspector, home inspector or a contractor offers you BOTH inspection and remediation services then that is a conflict of interest and something is not right. Interstate Mold Inspection conducts ONLY mold inspections. If we find a mold infestation in your home or business then we will recommend a remediation company that we have worked with that is reliable and trustworthy.

We never benefit from finding mold

Mold loves to hide in your attic, but we can find it.

Of the 1000's of types of mold we live with. Some are deadly. Call us to find out which type you may have in your home.