This article is not indicative of all remediation companies. This was just three companies in Southern California.

But before you call a mold remediation company to check out the possibility of a mold infestation, read this.

A final word about selecting a mold professional: watch out for conflicts of interest. It is prudent to have separate companies performing mold inspections and remediation (clean up). The reason for this is best illustrated by an investigative reporting team in Southern California. They used make-up (eye shadow) to create dark circles on a bathroom wall that looked like mold. They set up hidden cameras and called in mold remediation contractors. The three contractors all recommended ripping out walls and cabinets, rejecting suggestions that it should be tested first.


Remediation contractors have a financial incentive to find mold, whereas a mold inspector's compensation is not tied to the discovery of mold. It is recommended to have a certified mold inspector independently confirm the growth, establish its cause and extent before hiring a remediation contractor. The mold inspector and remediation contractor should have no financial ties so that their loyalty and duty is to you, their client.


Why Do Some Remediation Companies Offer Free Mold Inspections?
We can only hypothesize why some companies would do this. Our feeling is they offer free mold inspections because they make money primarily from remediating any mold problems that are found. However, this puts them in a conflict of interest. If they make money from mold remediation, they will want to find mold problems during the free mold inspection. Otherwise, they won't make money.


Interstate Mold Inspection Company conducts ONLY inspections and NOT remediations of mold. However if our inspectors and laboratory testing determines that a microbial infestation is present in your home we will recommend a list of professional remediation companies that we have worked with and trust to bid and remove any mold issues from your property.