Pay no attention to the sticker price on the magazine ads. All ads are $3.00.* Also note every one is sealed in plastic and has been that way for 40 years minimum.* All price stickers are attached to the plastic outer wrap. No stickers on the ad itself.* These ads are ORIGINALS they are NOT reproductions.There are only 1 each of any magazine ad. Please do not ask for more than 1 of any particular ad.SPECIAL NOTE: The ads are from magazines that date 40, 50, and even 90 years so if you see some slight imperfections that is normal. This only adds to the nostalgia and character. We all have some imperfections at our age, don't we? These ads are true collectables. *Frame them for office or home. They are an ice breaker,. People will notice and compliment you. They will want to know how to get their own. Blessings, Wile E. Coyote

*Frames not included

Dodge all fluid drive

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