In nice frames, the president of Chase Investment Counsel displays stock certificates from PlanetRx and ValueAmerica.

Remember those? They were Internet stocks that took off in the late 1990s -- PlanetRx traded close to $200 a share at one point. Today, they're worthless because the companies went bankrupt.

He's glad he never actually owned those stocks. He just purchased the "voided stock certificate” as a collector's item for a very reasonable cost.

Companies are no longer required to issue paper stock certificates. But it's big business to re-sell historical ones. It's become a hobby akin to collecting baseball cards or art.

"A lot of times people get certificates just as art work. You hope over time that it will appreciate, but you get it to put on your wall. It's a conversation starter."

The most popular ones: Much like art and baseball cards.

These certificates are all originals. Of course, they are not of face value but just a collectable. Blessings Wile E. Coyote

International Mercantile Marine

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