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Attention Real Estate Brokers

1. If you are a Real Estate Broker and would like to have an advantage over your Real Estate Competition. We can show you how a simple Mold inspection can do that.

2. You might think that the Home Inspection that you order can solve this issue, but sadly they cannot always do that.

3. If you can gather some of your fellow agents then we will send one of our representatives to your office with snacks and a 30min. presentation about how a home inspection is just not enough these days. 

4. Home inspectors do not always have the experience to visually diagnose a stain that could be the beginning of a Toxic mold infestation, Interstate Mold Inspection does.

5. If the home inspector says it could be mold and you call out a remediation company then sorry to say that some of them it will be beneficial to agree Yes that is mold when it is not. This could cost you a lot of money. Interstate Mold Inspection has no benefit to finding mold.

6. Gather together fellow agents and call us for an appointment

(503) 984-5958

7. After a simple and inexpensive preliminary Mold Inspection then both the seller and new buyers will be so glad that you had the insight to have this completed. Also you can advertise that "This home is mold free"

Plus right now               any inspection     

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