Our Services

Remember mold inspections are ALL that we do. WE focus on doing what we know best.

We don't conduct the remediation only inspect. Therfore there is no benefit to us to find mold. We give you the true facts

Air sampling, visual walk through, tape lift, swab samples, bulk samples of solid items 


Residential * Commercial * Low Income Housing * New Housing * Old Housing * Condominimums

Trailers * Motorhomes * Offices * Schools * Hospitals * Mobile Homes * Assisted Living Facilities

Roof Leaks * Window Leaks * Siding Leaks * Dampness in Basements * Plumbing Leaks

We know where mold hides


We can inspect all

areas of your home. The attic is a prime spot for mold due to roof leaks.

A visual walk through is the best way to start and the most economical

Taking indoor air sample

Outdoor sample for comparison to indoor air

We check for moisture in walls

Obtaining a tape lift sample

on some furniture Mor Warehouse

We also take swab samples on wet staining that could be Toxic Mold.

We record humidity and temp.

both indoors and out

If needed we can probe the

inside of your walls

Manufacturing plants need mold inspections. These pallets of paper came from China 3 weeks in a cargo container on the ocean. WE found mold on many.

Obtaining a tape lift on  some

possible dry  mold

We inspect your schools for mold. We found mold in the overhead

Apartment houses. You are renting an apartment and the landlord is responsible for your safety. And mold is a safety concern.

We inspect your schools for mold. We did numerous air samples in this school and found serious mold above the ceiling tiles from a roof leak. All is well now. Children are breathing good air now

Condominiums have leaks a lot of the times. Remember the landlord is responsible for your health as a renter.

Protect your office workers from mold in indoor air. They spend hours in the office breathing air that could be contaminated with mold.